Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 5 - A photo of yourself two years ago.

Let me start off by saying... i am so glad that i now have time again to blog! I have missed expressing my feelings on here. Hopefully i will get back into the hang of blogging everyday! Thanks for reading :) xoxo-mal

Two years ago, i was a freshman in college and thought that i would never graduate or get done with school. Now i am about to finish my 3rd year of school... my 6th semester of college will be over with. thank.the.lord. I can personally say that i really am ready to graduate in 2 maybe 3 semesters and begin that next step in my life. I am still going strong with my wonderful boyfriend Tyler, and we plan on staying together for a while. He seriously makes my life so much better. Not to mention that i am moving home from MTSU on May 5th and will not be going back. I am officially a UTM student & will be living at home with my parents until we hopefully get this old house of ours finished so i can live there. I am glad to be moving home and living back in my hometown. I absolutely love McNairy County and would never want to live somewhere else.

Hope everyone has a great day! :)