Tuesday, June 29, 2010

only three weeks to go...

the boy & best friends & family. most of my life consists of these three things.

i just got home from a 6 day vacation with my family and my best friend-Jourdan. it was extremely fun and probably the most fun i have had on a vacation ever. every day we went to the beach and layed out by the pool & ocean. one night we rode scooters with mason, eric, bryce & dalton and it was so much fun. the rest of the trip- every night, jourdan & i went and hung out with some of our friends from savannah. coming in a 4 am on my family vacay..haha- yep that was us. we only found one tar ball the whole trip and it was wonderful weather! here are some pictures from the trip:

also- today was an amazing day on the boy part...
i got to talk to talk to John-Michael on the phone for the second time since he has been gone. it has only been a week & a half but it feels like foreverrrr. he is such a great guy and i know what he is doing at young life camp is impacting so many boys & girls lives. windy gap sounds like an outstanding place and i cant wait to see his pictures from the trip. im so jealous of him btw, since when he gets home he is going to italy!! i mailed him a letter today- and im so excited for him to get it:)

best friends. what would i do without them...
watching sweet home alabama & twilight on a tuesday night with hannah and jessica. it doesnt get any better. i love my friends and sitting at home doing absolutely nothing is always the best.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

this changes everything. again.

iphone 4.
enough said=legit.
i cant wait.
june 24th!
pre-ordering starts today, check.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

that boys got soul.

Carrie Underwood
John Mayer
Keith Urban
Lady Antebellum
Zac Brown Band
Miranda Lambert

can you say- favorites?
cmt awards was such a good overall show last night.

i was so excited that Carrie won Performance of the Year(Temporary Home) & Video of the Year(Cowboy Casanova. she is such an inspiration to me, especially after i went to see her on her Play On Tour in Indianapolis, IN on my birthday.

John Mayer & Keith Urban will be performing on CMT Crossroads on Friday June 18th at 8 pm. This is going to be an amazing performance. They performed Hit the Ground Runnin
last night, and it was over the top.

Lady Antebellum is a group who can make my day better by just listening to one song. They won Group Video of the Year(Need you now) last night and deserved every bit of the "buckle."

carrie underwood & lady antebellum are my heroes.

i have already talked about Zac Brown Band in my last blog, and once again- they are amazing.

Miranda Lambert is a gorgeous girl who has a very attractive fiance... Blake Shelton is one lucky man. Miranda won Female Video of the Year last night for the hit "White Liar."

Overall, country music is very inspirational and can always make my day a lot better

free as we'll ever be...

zac brown band.
enough said. they are such amazing people.
"overnight success" is something that describes them perfectly.
not only do they write their own lyrics, but they also are starting a children's camp called The Foundation. this group did an outstanding job performing the song Free last night on the CMT Awards.