Tuesday, June 29, 2010

only three weeks to go...

the boy & best friends & family. most of my life consists of these three things.

i just got home from a 6 day vacation with my family and my best friend-Jourdan. it was extremely fun and probably the most fun i have had on a vacation ever. every day we went to the beach and layed out by the pool & ocean. one night we rode scooters with mason, eric, bryce & dalton and it was so much fun. the rest of the trip- every night, jourdan & i went and hung out with some of our friends from savannah. coming in a 4 am on my family vacay..haha- yep that was us. we only found one tar ball the whole trip and it was wonderful weather! here are some pictures from the trip:

also- today was an amazing day on the boy part...
i got to talk to talk to John-Michael on the phone for the second time since he has been gone. it has only been a week & a half but it feels like foreverrrr. he is such a great guy and i know what he is doing at young life camp is impacting so many boys & girls lives. windy gap sounds like an outstanding place and i cant wait to see his pictures from the trip. im so jealous of him btw, since when he gets home he is going to italy!! i mailed him a letter today- and im so excited for him to get it:)

best friends. what would i do without them...
watching sweet home alabama & twilight on a tuesday night with hannah and jessica. it doesnt get any better. i love my friends and sitting at home doing absolutely nothing is always the best.

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  1. best post you've ever done. you look gorgeous in all of you pictures. love you soo much. xo!