Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 2...

A photo of something you ate today...

This is a picture from online, i didnt take an actual picture of the piece of the amazing banana walnut bread that i had this morning from Starbucks...it was delish, btw. And i also had a caramel brulee latte that was the best-go try it.

I started off my morning with meeting my friend Katy at Starbucks to have a study session before our Biology Final at 1 pm... well to say the least, we did not get that much studying done due to some girls chit chatting about their weekend with their boyfriends and how busy the place was. Sometimes Starbucks can be a great place to study, but then the next day its your worst nightmare. We did get a little bit of memorizing done and i think i did pretty well on the final, hopefully. Im just hoping for a B but an A would be wonderful!

This afternoon was filled with packing and eating supper with my bff Jourdan who i havent seen in forever because the library has taken over her life due to finals, haha. Tonight I studied for my LAST final that is tmrw and have been packing some more.
Why is it that when i go home for a break, i literally take almost all the clothes i own and then i never even wear half of them? haha oh well- at least im prepared...

Time to sleep :) after my final tmrw morning, i get to go home for a whole month for breakkk!!!!! im SO excited.


p.s.- im going on a date friday!!! ahhh- im so nervous & excited!

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  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate night is what's up!! Good luck on your final today. Call me on your way home!!! Looooooooove to you, bruh.