Monday, May 17, 2010

sweet summertime...

Summer is here and it makes me SO excited.
There are many wonderful things that i love about summer....

"The Baby Bayliner" is my amazing boat that is small but gets the job done. I usually go out on this at least twice a week. Thanks mom & dad. :)

Because having my boat, it made me fall in love with wakeboarding. It seriously is something that i talk about at least once a day & sometimes more than once.

Not only do i love being on the lake, but i love going to the beach too. Being there listening to the waves crash on the shore with my family is so amazing.

Sweet, sweet Selmer is our hometown and during the summer is when i get to hang out with all my '08 children. :) my friends from high school will always be my true friends.

Having the time to be able to read is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. I am currently reading The Last Song.

This is an ariel view shot of the marina that i work at called Aqua Yacht Harbor. See the little red roof building on the far left dock in the picture, well thats where i spend my summer working at. The fuel dock crew is pretty much my second family.

My favorite thing about summertime, is that i get to spend so much time with my family. Whether it is camping in the brick apartment in pickwick or going to eat at russells, i always have so much fun with them. My parents are amazing and my brother Mason is my best friend.

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